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Game : Nic Nac N0e

Its fun, its fast and its Nic Nac Noe – We have unleashed our cute little Ninjas on the Tic tac toe board!
P.S – Yes thats right we are ninja fanatics! And yes we are also aware that our AI is pretty evil.
– Classic Tic Tac Toe gameplay goodness!
– Single Player and Two Player modes.
– Smart AI thats challenging enough to make you scratch your head.
– Did we mention the Ninjas?

Blackberry Supported :
Touch Screen only (95xx & 9800)

(Game) Bal00n Filler

The goal of the game is to fill up 2/3 of the screen using the blue balloons while avoiding the bouncing balls.
Touch the screen where you want to create a balloon and it will continue to inflate until you remove your finger.
For each round, you get a limited number of both lives and balloons. If you run out of balloons, each new one will cost you a life.
– realistic physics
– hours of fun
– compatible with all BlackBerry devices

(Non Touch Screen)
(Touch Screen)

Sumber: Temen BBM

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