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A Little Story From My Friend

Seriously, if I remember when she was talked about it, i’m like a small people who never been there. When she said if she never got angry with her husband in front of their parents. Aigoo… I was so down, cause she got divorce and then get merried with me, and than she was compare me with her husband who was got away and merried with another woman.

Sometime I feel so close, sometime feel lonely, cause I was lost my parents to got merried with my wife now. So when I got a problem with my wife and it cause my wife so egoism, I dont know what to do, cause it my choice. I’m happy tough sometime feel lonely down.

Guys, I love my wife, I love her very much, and all problem who was I said is not big problem to always been together with my wife. Cause love will make it easy, sometime I thinked hahahaa…

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